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If your heart was full of love, could you give it all up?  Eve Collins will do anything to save those she loves, especially her gargoyle protector and mate, Asher St. Michael. With the world crumbling down around them, Eve and Asher must face the final battle between darkness and light. One that will end in great sacrifice.

When the skies darken and love in it’s truest form is tested, would you run?  When death becomes silence and battle lines are drawn, would you fight? If you had to sacrifice, to save the one you loved, would you fall to fate? Would you dare to let it go?

The End, Begins.



"I must say this [Restoration] farewell book was one of the best written one ever. This [The Revelation Series] was one well thought out plotted story from the first book to this the last one, and it has been one wild ride and I have loved every second of it, and I hope you will too." Mindjacked Read Full Review  
"Exceedingly well-written, with enough character interaction to keep anyone happy; twists, turns and intrigue; betrayal; heartbreak; trust me when I say it's all here. Absolutely fantastic and I really can't recommend it highly enough! Sheer perfection!!!" Archaeolibrarian 5 Stars Read Full Review
"This series [The Revelation Series] is NOT TO BE missed. Consistent flawless storytelling throughout the series. The author crafts a complete, satisfying conclusion to this epic saga." The Book Beacon, 5 Stars Read Full Review
"I devoured this series in less than a week. I mean, seriously, why can’t there be like 20 books in this series? I’d read them all. The action in Restoration was jam packed. There were also several scenes that blew me away! I can’t express to you how much you need to go read this book. Go buy the whole series, right now!!!" YA Reads Read Full Review
"This [Restoration] was a spectacular conclusion to an incredibly well written series. I have truly fallen in love with this series and it is one that I will be reading again in the future just to read it." Just One More Chapter, 5 Stars Read Full Review
"There were heart stopping moments, times where my jaw just dropped and I was quite fearful to see what happened next. Randi Cooley Wilson sent these characters off in style! I'm eagerly looking forward to Randi's new series, The Royal Protector Academy." Have Book Will Read, 5 Stars Read Full Review
"Randi has delivered a series with unexpected twists, gasp-out-loud cliffhangers, tearful and heart-wrenching scenes, loveable characters and a story so well put together with an outstanding ending. This series has been amazing from beginning to end. I highly recommend everyone read it." Latte Nights Reviews, 4 Stars Read Full Review
"This [The Revelation Series] had every element I love in paranormal and the last book was really no different. It [Restoration] was a beautiful ending to a beautiful series." BookBANGERR, 5 Stars Read Full Review
"This finale is epic in every way imaginable, and the perfect conclusion to this amazing series." Novels and Necklaces, 5 Stars Read Full Review
"Amazing conclusion to a raw, powerful series." Lit Buzz, 5 Stars Review To Come
"It was just so beautiful! A perfect conclusion to an epic love story." Reading is Sexy, 5 StarsRead Full Review
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