March 6, 2014

Revelation Teaser in Honor of World Book Day!

Happy World Book Day!

In honor of World Book Day, I thought it would be fun to share a short (Eve and Asher) teaser from Revelation with you!


Asher places a long finger to his closed mouth in contemplation. “That’s astonishing considering earlier, I caught you openly gawking at me.” Indigo eyes scan my face as he leans in and lowers his voice to a sensual tone.

“Pink lips parted, beautiful hazel eyes locked onto my chest, drooling as if I were a piece of chocolate,” he pauses for effect. “Yet not a single word flowed through that pretty, pouty mouth of yours,” Asher retorts, staring at my lips, waiting patiently for my response.

I swallow. Between his scent and nearness my body is overheating. “Shows how much you know. I prefer salty verse sweet,” I throw back at him, proud my voice sounds strong.

He snorts and gives me an insolent smile. “Yeah, I can see that sweet isn’t your thing, sweetheart.”

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