December 20, 2018

2019 Publishing Schedule Update

2019 Publishing Schedule | Book Release Updates

I know y’all are preparing for the holidays, so I wanted to do a quick update before the holidays roll in and we’re all drunk. Or on a sugar high. 不

Below is a tentative timeline of my book releases for 2019. Subject to change.


Zander and Magali’s story will release in February in paperback and ebook, with the audiobook releasing in February/March. This is a standalone novella, but it is highly recommended that you read The Royal Protector Academy Series before this, as this is a novella within that series and won’t make sense if you don’t have the history and/or background of the characters.


Gage Gallagher’s book will release in May. It will be available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook. This is a standalone book, however, it is highly recommended that you read The Revelation Series before this book so you have the background and history of the characters. For a better reading experience it is also recommended to read The Royal Protector Academy series prior. I’m waiting on the audiobook release date to be given to me in order to set a book release date. I won’t have this until early January. Thank you for your patience.


Leviathan is slated to release in the Fall. This is the final book in the Dark Soul Series. It will be available on all retailers for 30-days, then, it will be in KU with the rest of the series. It will be available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook. A firmer date will be finalized closer to release.


Shallow is a standalone, adult contemporary romance novel slated to release in the Summer/Fall. It will be available on paperback and ebook, and audiobook.

Isle of Darkness is a standalone, new adult paranormal romance novel based off the short story featured in The Monster Ball Anthology. Striker and Umbria’s story is slated to release in Winter. It will be available on paperback, ebook and audiobook. 

Prison of Asria is releasing in July. This will be my last Havenwood Falls book which is releasing within the Sin&Silk line, featuring Roman Bishop. It will be available in paperback and ebook.

Valor, the first book within The Knightress Series is coming! This is a Young Adult, High-Fantasy Trilogy that I am hoping to release at the beginning of 2020. I will keep you updated! 

Please note that in 2019 preorders will be live within 30-days in advance of release (vs. 6-12 months in advance). This decision was made to alleviate stress with my editorial and creative teams! 

Thank you guys so much for another amazing year. I couldn’t do any of this without your ongoing love and support. I feel lucky to have been invited in your 2018 literary life and look forward to more in 2019! 

xoxo Randi

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  1. Kate Cote said:

    I just finished,If, and I wondering if there will be a sequel or series? I really enjoyed this book- interesting plot and great character development.
    Curious to see where and how Lincoln and Em’s story develops


    1. Randi Cooley Wilson Post author said:

      Hi! Thank you so much for reading IF. I’m glad you liked it. As of right now, there are no plans to write a sequel or series based off Lincoln and Emerson!


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