Two houses. Two hearts. One fate.

Growing up in the prestigious Fairchild house seems like the perfect life, but for Julianna, it isn’t always easy, especially as the granddaughter of a prominent Seelie Court elder. When Julianna’s grandfather passes away, her parents are summoned to the Fae island of Tir Na Nog. Not wanting to miss her senior year of high school, Julianna decides to remain in Havenwood Falls with her human grandmother, unaware this one choice will forever change her perfectly planned future.

Lies, secrets, and betrayals rule in the Bishop house, and Rowan Bishop, the youngest of the brothers, is no exception. Unpredictable and uncontrollable, he’s been kicked out of eight private boarding schools. As a last-ditch effort to set him straight, his oldest brother enrolls him in Havenwood Falls’ Sun and Moon Academy—a private school for residents with supernatural gifts.

After several chance encounters, Julianna and Rowan discover a connection full of attraction, mystery, and danger. A connection that lands them right in the middle of a centuries old feud between the Bishops and the Fairchilds. And when it comes to choosing sides, the cost of their forbidden love will be higher than they ever expected.

This is a Young Adult paranormal tale in the Havenwood Falls High series of Young Adult fantasy stories featuring a variety of supernatural creatures. The series is a collaborative effort by multiple authors. Each book is generally a stand-alone, so you can read them in any order, although some authors will be writing sequels to their own stories. Please be aware when you choose your next read.

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  • Inamorata by Randi Cooley Wilson is a beautiful story and as this was her first YA novel, she knocked it out of the park! I loved the story of Rowan and Jules. For those who are familiar with Havenwood Falls, you know the kind of reputation the Bishop boys have and Rowan definitely met those expectations; however, his actions towards Jules were SO adorable! I loved the way they interacted and the story that those two shared.

    I love the imagery that Randi painted in this story and felt that I was there with them at times. This story is why I love Havenwood Falls and even though I just finished it, I could easily read it again. This is my favorite HFH to date.

    Once again, Randi has written a beautiful story and deserves nothing less five stars!

    – Amazon Reviewer

  • Now, this story has to be one of my new favorites in the series. I absolutely loved the character Rowan in this story. Rowan and Jules are not suppose to end up together and it does remind you of Romeo and Juliet. A love story with lots of twists and turns. Awesome read.

    – Amazon Reviewer

  • I love Randi Cooley Wilsons books so when I heard she was releasing her first YA I was intrigued. I could not put this book down! It's a beautiful story of modern day Romeo and Juliet. This story has romance, intrigue, and the supernatural (and human) characters we love about Havenwood Falls. I do hope we get to see more because this was an amazing start to the authors YA journey!

    – Amazon Reviewer

  • I was given this book for my unbiased review. I started reading this book by Randi Cooley Wilson and didn't know what to expect with it being a young adult book and I was blown away by they story. I loved Julianna and Rowan's story. The way their story unfolded was a edge of your seat read. I was hooked right from the first page. I loved the feel of the story and how fast paced it felt. The story plot and way the characters came alive was beautiful. I loved reading this book from start to finish. And recommend everyone who loves to read Havenwood Falls High or just wants to try reading Havenwood Falls High to give this story a whirl you won't be disappointed.

    – Goodreads Reviewer

  • Gah!!!! YA debut and so wonderful 💕

    Inamorata is truly a beautiful story, modern day Romeo and Juliet with a strong female lead I would have loved to be at 17. Come in bad boy Rowan, part of those Bishop boys I adore, and Boom - perfection!

    The story flows beautifully and I just want more of these 2 characters. To see how their future will affect the courts. It definitely has huge potential for a follow up.

    Randi once again captures my heart with her characters in this shared world of Havenwood Falls.

    – Goodreads Reviewer

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