Isle of Darkness Prequel

From bestselling author, Randi Cooley Wilson comes a novella in the Revelation and Royal Protector Academy series. Isle of Darkness is Striker and Umbria’s story and is the prequel to the full-length book which will be out in April 2020.

In their world, darkness seeks darkness.

Striker Gallagher is the heir to the gargoyle race, a future king who never wanted to become a royal protector. Regardless, his fate was sealed two generations ago. Now, he has been appointed to protect the queen of the Caballucos del Diablu. The problem is, her bloodline is dark, not divine, which means she embodies the very immorality he was created to protect others from. She is his enemy.

Umbria Mendoza is a powerful demon fairy. A queen who is about to awaken, one who doesn’t want to rule. For the past year, she has hidden and lived in the human world while a traitor threatens her kingdom—known in the supernatural world as the Isle of Darkness.

To protect Umbria, Striker must first attend the exclusive Monster Ball. As long as he doesn’t get wrapped up in her, he’ll have no trouble fulfilling his duties. What he doesn’t know is that protecting her is going to turn his world upside down. And while Striker comes from a long line of epic love stories, he doesn’t plan on having one of his own. But fate has other plans.

For the best reading experience, Isle of Darkness should be read after the Royal Protector Academy trilogy and before the full-length novel. Intended for mature readers.

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  • This story shows us that even when there is something that you don't want to do when your royalty, generally it means you have no choice. This story once again is filled will mystery while you are trying to figure out who is the bad guy. Then you know you will have to wait.

    Love might start out not being what you wanted, but you seem to get a sense it is where it will end up.

    – Amazon

  • This story was unique, gargoyles aren’t written about very much in paranormal romances & that made it that much more interesting to read. These main characters are so misunderstood by each other & everyone else around them, so mysterious & compelling, making me wonder what will happen next at the cliff-hanger ending since this couple has a lot of hurdles to overcome.

    – Amazon

  • I adore fake dating. I want the series for this book so bad! Waiting till April 2020 is going to kill me! I mean I just love the couple in this one and I can't wait for more of them! Everything about this story left me wanting more!

    – The Butterfly Reader

  • Eek. This story is my ideal story. Relationship of opportunity. That's what I would say to describe this story. There is an attraction there but these two characters are not thrown together because of their attraction alone. They each serve a greater purpose. I really liked this story.

    – Goodreads

  • Awe!!! Loved how this ended!! I absolutely am in love with Umbria and Striker!! They are just so delicious together!! I also very much loved how this author incorporated some of the prior characters in her tale! I certainly hope that there will indeed be more about these addictive characters 💘

    – Goodreads

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