May 7, 2014

Gage’s POV – Bonus Chapter (Revelation)

17 Divine Presence – Gage’s POV

I stare at the fire pushing aside the darkness that seeps in at this time of day. The dreams, the memories, they all flood back at night, haunting me. I take a hit off my cigarette and wash it down with the brandy trying to numb the emptiness before returning my gaze to the flickering fire.

Without warning, I feel a presence. I turn in confusion. What the hell? Eve’s just standing there with a look of lost confusion as I take her in.

“Eve?” I question, wondering where the hell she came from and why she’s just standing in my loft, in the middle of the night, in her pajamas. Damn she’s stunning.

“Gage, nice to see you again,” she smiles awkwardly.

Is she seriously talking to me like we just bumped into one another at the market? Out of instinct, I scan my apartment, looking for danger. Is this a set up?

“What are you doing here?” I ask her, while assessing the situation.

“Um, where is here exactly?”

“Here is in my home, in the heart of the Marais area of Paris,” I answer bewildered. Is she playing dumb, or does she really have no idea what’s happening.

Eve smiles uncomfortably. “I see.”

I’m taken aback. “You see? How did you get into my loft, Eve? Is your protector with you?” I watch her, waiting. The St. Michael’s know better than to show up unannounced.

“No. I realize this is going to sound crazy but I’m not sure how I got here,” she answers.

What the hell? She’s right it does sound crazy. She doesn’t know how she got here? I turn back to the fire and flick my cigarette into it. For fucks sake, they haven’t taught her anything. It’s like leaving a cute bunny, with long amazing legs, in the meadow and waiting for the lions to bounce on her.

When I turn back around Eve’s sitting on my couch making her self at home. Her eyes are closed so I flash in front of her, knowing she didn’t hear me. All the times I’ve been near her, I’ve never really realized just how breathtaking she is, I study her features bathed in the fire’s amber light for a moment.

“What the hell are you doing?” She shouts and pulls away causing me to laugh.

“Funny, that’s actually my question for you.” I swallow my brandy and scold myself for my lack of manners. “Can I get you a drink, love?”

Eve shakes her head. “No, thank you,” she answers and starts to relax.

I sit in the chair across from her, because, I’m uncomfortable. She seems at ease in my personal space. I don’t like women in my home, let alone, in my personal life, especially this one.

“Well?” I question with curiosity.

“Well, what?” She repeats back. Cute. She’s a bit strong-willed. I like that about her.

“What are you doing here, Eve?” I ask again. She seriously has no clue. Hell, they’re keeping her in the damn dark. Then again, secrets are typical of the St. Michael clan.

She rolls her eyes. “I’m not sure. One minute I was sleeping in my bed at my aunt’s house and the next I was looking out your rather large, picturesque windows of Paris.”

Interesting. “My guess is you’re either dream walking or astral projecting. Most likely, you’re astral projecting. You don’t know that you’re doing it?” I ask for clarification because I’m not so sure I believe her. I don’t trust easily these days especially anyone tied to The London Clan.

“Why are you convinced I’m not dream walking?”

I clear my throat in annoyance with her lack of knowledge. Is no one planning to enlighten this girl? Her lack of understanding is going to get her killed.

“Dream walking is when you enter someone’s mind, intrinsically manifesting in some form in a dream, normally used as a way to communicate with that person. Whoever initiates the dream walk can manipulate it to their will. Some even trap themselves in their own dream. The fact that you’re here and I’m not in a sleep state signifies that you’re able to travel outside from your physical body which is astral projection.” I answer, why I am the one providing her this information is lost on me.

“So am I really here with you?” Eve asks confused.

     “Yes and no. Your body is still in your bed at your aunt’s but for whatever reason, you’ve subliminally sought me out.” I’m curious as to why she did seek me out. Judgment suggests that I should turn her over to Deacon, immediately. However, I’m fascinated by her innocent nature, so I won’t, at least not tonight. Besides’ her physical body isn’t near her.

“No offense but I wasn’t even thinking about you tonight.” Eve answers and I laugh internally. She has no idea that she had to be thinking of me on some level in order to project to me. The real reason is, why?

I decide to push my luck and lean into her space. “Actually, love, your subconscious was thinking of me. It’s the only way you’d be able to project to me.” She blushes and then begins to look around my home, trying to divert the uncomfortable attention.

“So you live in Paris?”

I smile and sit back in my chair. “When not in Massachusetts, yes.”

“You just fly back and forth?”

I laugh internally, wondering if they’ve told her about our wings. “Something like that.”

“Your home is very, grey. You like concrete?”

I never really thought about it, it’s a loft. “I’m a gargoyle. I prefer dark, cool, stone-like places.” I answer not giving her the full truth of why I am here.

“So is your stone concrete?” Eve queries.

“Hematite. I see The London Clan is finally providing full gargoyle disclosure to you.”

“As I said, I believe I have all the facts now.” Eve states. Poor girl has absolutely no fucking clue. She’s blindly placing her trust in them.

“Hardly, especially noted by your lack of knowledge regarding dream walking and astral projection.”

“So, this visit has been a blast. If you would be so kind as to instruct me how to get back to my body, that would peachy.” Eve states matter of fact.

I have to laugh. She’s adorably in the dark. “It’s normally done intuitively. I can’t send you. You pull yourself back once whatever it is you need has been taken care of. Since you’re still here with me, you obviously still have needs when it comes to me,” I offer seductively to push her buttons a bit. For some reason, I’m starting to like making her feel nervousness. I find her company, interesting and my reactions to her, even more so.

“So you’re saying I’m having an out of body experience with you because of unfinished business or something?” Eve inquires.

Ah hell, she’s so innocent. “Most women say they have an out of body experience with me. Rest assured, love, I always finish my business.”

She rolls her eyes. “You know what I am saying. So I can send myself back?”

“Yes, you’ve astral projected yourself here. You should be able to do it to return,”

There’s a harsh knock at my front door. I smile internally and just stare at Eve, unmoving. They’ve interrupted my evening a few moments won’t kill the Archangel on the other side of it.

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