January 6, 2016



Here is a bonus scene from Asher’s POV from Redemption, The Revelation Series, Book #3. Please note: if you have not previously read Redemption this scene does CONTAIN SPOILERS. Enjoy!



Eve stabbed me. She fucking stabbed me. In the heart, no less, and after I’d just given her my mate mark. Christ, if we hadn’t just bonded, I would be spending eternity encased in granite.

Goddamn stubborn woman. I swear to all that is holy, one of these days, I’m going to lock her beautiful ass up in this chamber, and put an end to her obstinate streak.

My eyes drift over to where both my brothers are staring at me. Fuck, they’re pissed. I can’t tell if it’s at me or Eve.

“Something on your mind, boys?” I ask.

Keegan, my older brother, narrows his eyes at me. The same blue eyes that Callan, our younger brother, and I have. If we weren’t all centuries-old gargoyle protectors, his insufferable stare might just cause me to tremble a bit.

“Your charge stabbed you, Asher,” Keegan states, as if this is new information.

“I’m aware.” My voice is cool.

“Do you want to explain how you aren’t a stone statue?” Callan asks.

“The divination of redemption,” I say calmly.

My brothers are silent for a moment.

“Explain,” Keegan orders.

“The prophecy states that the souls of the daughter of light and the prince of dark shall join together. United as one, the two will, until the end of days, bring redemption to creation.”

“We’re gargoyles. We don’t have souls,” Keegan points out angrily.

“No shit,” I spit out. “At the order of our resident archangel, Michael, both Eve’s and my bloodlines were altered by the cherub angel of ancestry. The combined lines have been designed to fulfill the divination outlined in the scrolls.”

Callan shoots me a confused look. “Are you saying that because Eve’s line is from the light and yours is from the dark, once you mate, she awakens your soul, and you can’t cease to exist?”

I throw him a firm glance. “Yes.”

“By the fucking grace,” Keegan exhales.

“How long have you known this, Asher?” Callan asks quietly.

“For a while. I didn’t want to tell the clan because I knew you’d use it as an excuse to get me to step further into the role of king,” I explain.

“YOU ARE THE PRINCE OF THE GARGOYLE RACE!” Keegan shouts. “Once you fulfill your charge of Eve’s protection, then you will become king. The fact that you can’t not exist at someone’s hand would have been useful information, Asher. This clan doesn’t keep secrets.”

“Holy shit. Does this mean that you and Eves have mated?” Callan asks. His words linger in the air as we all go rigid.

“That’s fucking great, Asher. You’ve mated with the daughter of Heaven. You’ve gone against your oaths to the council and your people.” Keegan’s words hit me like a whip.

Callan just starts laughing, causing Keegan and I to turn our focus to him. “Christ, Ash. She just tried to kill you. You took her virginity, gave her your mate mark, and your bride tried to murder you on your honeymoon night. You’re one lucky man,” he says, clapping me on the shoulder.

I shrug him off. “She did not try to kill me.”

“No? Did she have buyer’s remorse?” Callan chuckles.

“She went after Elizabeth,” I offer.

Callan whistles low. “Crap. She stabbed you to put you into a stone state healing sleep so you wouldn’t be able to follow her?”

“Yes,” I answer.

“I’ll give Eves props. That is an interesting mating present, brother.” He smirks at me.

“Stop it. Both of you. Once again, Asher, you’ve lost your charge. We’re gargoyle protectors. You’re the future king, and yet you continue to lose the daughter of Heaven,” Keegan says, more to himself than either of us. “Eve is probably heading to Deacon’s castle as we speak.”

“That would be my guess. She’s impatient, and knows Michael and the heavenly army haven’t been authorized for the extraction mission. My guess is she went to save her mother,” I add.

“I suppose we should go stop her,” Keegan states, and exits the chamber.

“What are you going to do when you find her, Ash?” Callan asks quietly.

“I’m unsure.” It’s the truth. I’m torn between strangling her and kissing her senseless.

“Well then, brother, let’s go retrieve your mate.”

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