August 10, 2015

The Royal Protector Academy

RPA Teaser


Many of you have expressed how sad you are at the thought of The Revelation Series ending with Restoration. I’m happy to announce that while finishing edits for Restoration, I have agreed to write a Revelation Series ‘spin off’, which will be called The Royal Protector Academy Trilogy. Squee.

Though Restoration will be the last chapter on Eve’s journey, and final book of The Revelation Series, I’m excited to introduce you to the ‘next generation’ of the St. Michael and Gallagher clans in the new trilogy.
RPA will tell the story of Serena (Callan and Abby’s daughter) and Tristan (Gage’s son). I have a feeling some of your old Rev favorites will also be making guest appearances as well! You can look forward to an RPA excerpt at the end of Restoration.

The Royal Protector Academy Trilogy Release Schedule:
Vernal (Book #1): Spring 2016
Aequus (Book #2): Fall 2016
Nox (Book #3): Spring 2017

There are no firm release dates as of yet. I’m working hard on finishing up The Revelation Series in order to get it into your hands within the next few months, before I switch focus to the RPA Trilogy.

I hope this eases some of the anxiety about the series ending. I know you’ve fallen in love with these characters, and truly hope you’ll embrace Serena’s and Tristan’s story too!

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  1. Sarah Evans said:

    I can’t wait to read this new series. I also Love love that you let your fans help with the naming of the series. Your the best!!!! It makes it that much more fun.


  2. Martine Moen said:

    I absolutely love the first book! Its been a while since i last found a fantasy/romance book that could capture your soul to this degree! The relationship between Tristian and Serena is epic and cant wait to read the next book.. the wait is torture


  3. Dana Abramovitz said:

    looking forward to the, the royal protector academy novel book 3 in audio just wondering when it would be available for Amazon. I’ve read all your books love them.


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