January 9, 2014

Welcome – Coffee Date

My first blog! First, let me say if you’re reading this, thank you. Thank you for taking the time to begin our journey together and getting to know me. I feel a lot of pressure with this first blog. It’s our first introduction to one another and if I screw it up, well I’ve lost you already before we’ve even gotten started.

That said, I’m going to treat this as if we’re friends, having coffee. If you like me, then awesome and we’re going to have a good time. That is, if you can get over my sarcastic wit, opinions, over-use of commas and overall scattered thought process. If not, it was lovely meeting you and I’ll pay for your cyber coffee today so please, order something large. 😉

A few years ago, like many women I had a child. While home on maternity leave, I started to jot down some ideas, strung some words together, and while my lovely daughter Maddison slept (or not since she was a terrible napper – I digress) I wrote.

I’ve always written. Even in elementary school I was interested in creative writing and had an overactive imagination. It was something I just loved to do. I loved books too, that wonderful way to escape reality or become someone different, even if just for a moment. As I got older, I started taking writing seriously and it became a hobby until college when I was able to tie it into my major. Brilliance on my part really if I must say because not only was I able to write as a Communications Major but then once out of school I was able to apply my love for writing to a career that I got paid for. Sweet right?

By day, I’m a Brand Strategist. It’s cool, don’t panic no one knows what that is. Basically, I take brands and design strategies for them that give them a voice for consumers. Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing are all under the umbrella of what I do. Most of my clients have been teen brands and since I am a teen at heart, well it’s perfect synergy really. This demographic requires that I have a solid understanding of girls and guys ages 13-21 specifically. Hence my love of all things tween, teen and young adult. Especially this genre of books.

While stringing my ideas together and developing the characters of Eve, Asher and Gage, I was able to include my love of gothic architecture and all things young adult romance into my first book and so The Revelation Series ​was born. The first book in the series, Revelation is currently with my editor getting final tweaks before hitting the beta readers in February. Then I expect final changes in March and perhaps an early release date of May or June. The cover has been done for months and I’m dying to share it with you, but *sighs dramatically* I must wait until February. Sucks right?

I assure you it will be awesome though. Next blog I promise to post a teaser to give you a sneak peak! After all, you deserve it for reading this entire post and staying awake! Kudos.

Thanks again, I look forward to our journey and stay tune for more blog entries!!!

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