November 8, 2019

LitBuzz Dark Paradise EXCLUSIVE!


Join us at 10 am eastern (US) on the LitBuzz site for an EXCLUSIVE look at the Prologue and Chapter One of Dark Paradise, the highly-anticipated Revelation series novel by Randi Cooley Wilson – venture with us into the lives of Gage Gallagher and Nassa, the woman who loves him.

Can she save him from the dark? Is love enough?

Dark Paradise is Releasing on NOVEMBER 12th!



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“Nassa is my favorite female character now. She is badass with a huge heart. Gage…what an asshole. I LOVE him!! You have written a beautifully, heart breaking, make me feel the feels story. I hope the rest of the book doesn’t ruin me, which I have a feeling it will, because let’s face it, you are Randi Fucking Cooley Wilson. You’ve thrown a few curve balls towards the end of your books. It’s awesome!” – ARC Review, Dark Paradise

“For all the readers who have been left hollow when the Revelation Series ended and you no longer could get your daily Asher, Eve and GAGE fix – this one’s for you! Randi Cooley Wilson completely captures Gage’s excruciating daily struggle to continue on without his beloved Camilla. Gage not only captures your heart but you root for him to continue on, to love again and to heal. Gage is a hot, sexy gargoyle but nothing can describe how much you will crush on Nassa!  She is such a sexy bad-ass sorceress that Gage can only pray that he is worthy enough of her love. If you read Revelation over and over and over again – be prepared to put it aside and bask in the eternal blazing heat that is Gage and Nassa.” – ARC Review, Dark Paradise


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