May 7, 2014

Gage’s POV – Bonus Chapter (Revelation)

17 Divine Presence – Gage’s POV I stare at the fire pushing aside the darkness that seeps in at this time of day. The dreams, the memories, they all flood back at night, haunting me. I take a hit off my cigarette and wash it down with the brandy trying to numb the emptiness before returning my gaze to the flickering fire. Without warning, I feel a presence. I turn in confusion. What the hell? Eve’s just standing there…

May 7, 2014

Asher’s POV – Bonus Chapter Revelation

2 Encounters – Asher’s POV (Revelation) I’m bored out of my mind. When I took on this assignment, I hadn’t given much thought to attending college, again. Yet here. I. Am. Sitting in architecture for the second time in my life, listening to the professor drone on and on. Eve looks just about as bored as I am. She’s zoned out. I can tell by the way she’s tapping her pen on her iPad. It’s not even turned…

May 6, 2014

Who is my number one book boyfriend?

Normally, I don’t share boyfriends. However, in this case, I will make an exception. The gang over at the Paranormal Book Club was awesome enough to allow me to compile my list of top ten book boyfriends. See who made number one on my list here.

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