October 23, 2018

The Monster Ball Anthology is LIVE!


Do you have your ticket to the ball?

If not, snag one here!

And be sure to check out all the release day fun at LitBuzz!

The Monster Ball Anthology authors and our fearless leader, Amber Shepherd, would like to personally thank each and every reader who preordered, ordered, shared, and reviewed the anthology!

We appreciate all the love you’ve shown to us and this collection.


Today’s the day, monsters! It’s time for #TheMonsterBall! And we have a TRICK and a TREAT for you!

Which author wrote which story?? That’s one secret we aren’t telling.
Enter your guesses and get entered to win a HUGE PRIZE PACK including a signed paperback from EVERY one of the 11 participating authors (that’s 11 books!!) + an autographed Monster Ball themed Kindle cover + an autographed Monster Ball tote bag!

We’ll reveal the answers on Halloween!


And remember: what happens at the ball stays at the ball…

About The Monster Ball Anthology:

It’s that time again! The Monster community is abuzz with whispers of the most anticipated party of the year. This deliciously exclusive event has tongues wagging even amongst the who’s who of the monster community. It will once again be held at an undisclosed location on All Hallows Eve.

Don’t worry all you underprivileged socialites, The Monster Ball isn’t just for vampires, witches, and werewolves. Other creatures of the night have as much of a chance to attend. Watch for your ticket but not in the mail. The silvery slip of parchment is said to appear in your hand by the light of the moon.

If you find yourself a fortunate recipient best to keep it to yourself. There are some who would kill for the chance to attend. Because as every good monster knows… what happens at the ball, stays at the ball.

xoxo, Elvira

(Prize items listed are for one grand prize. Giveaway ends 10/30/18 at 11:59pm EDT. US Only. Visit here for our International-exclusive giveaway.)


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